If you honestly think that Steve Harvey doesn't know that they pattern the questions on The Family Feud to induce lewd answers, well, your intelligence is very suspect. Another thing that is very suspect, is the kind of person Steve Harvey is. Most people think he's a nice guy. I don't.

This video is nothing new, but proves my point.

  • He is beyond close minded when it comes to religion. Rather than engaging in a conversation someone who believes something different than him, he "just walks away". And thinks if you're an Atheist then "you're an idiot". I'm not saying he has to agree with Atheism, but come on.
  • He goes on to blame women for men cheating and many, many more insane ideas that almost shouldn't even be acknowledged because he's such an ass.

Well, this is how much of an ass Steve Harvey is. Don't come up and talk to him. This is an email he sent out to his staff.

The interesting thing about this, is I get what he's saying. It can be difficult to do your job if you're constantly being bombarded by people. But this was a really bad way to go about it, and just makes Steve Harvey look even more like an ass.

Now, Steve Harvey might be an ass, but I'm wondering how I can get Buzz to send out a similar email so I don't have to talk to him once the show is over for the day.