Steve Bannon is a piece of work. Just Google the guy and you'll get an idea for what this guy stands for. Oh, and yes, he used to be one of Trump's guys. He was the chief strategist for Trump in the first 7 months of his presidency. Bannon was a big backer of the Trump's wall that was supposed to be built.

He was such a big backer of the wall, he and a group of others, started a GoFundMe called 'We Build the Wall'. This was was set up to collect funds for a wall on the US/Mexico border, including a private wall in Sunland Park, NM, which is just west of El Paso, TX. Last summer, Bannon and others celebrated the completion of the wall by coming out to El Paso.

The indictment against Bannon claims that the GoFundMe was set up for 100% of the funds to go towards the project. But that's not what happened. Federal prosecutors said Bannon and three others:

orchestrated a scheme to defraud hundreds of thousands of donors

The indictment also claims they used a variety of shady methods to hide and move money, including 'vendor' arrangements, and fake invoices.

And in case you were wondering, 'We Build the Wall' is still up and running. At least their website is. You can CLICK HERE to head on over and see how they're still looking for money for the wall. Or is it really going to that wall and not Steve Bannon's pockets?

What does the wall look like? Here's a series of pictures of the wall construction from May 28th, 2019 to June 8th, 2019.

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