A federal judge could be the deciding factor on whether Title 42 ends this week or not; so, obviously, the Border has been a hot topic in the media lately.

So when KFOX was trying to do a live segment right on the Border wall, it was a surprise to their crew when two guys began to scale the Border wall and run away. Check it out below.

While I expected the usual comments of "they're not migrants, they're illegals" and "I hope they get caught"- and there were some like that- those type of comments were overshadowed by some even more hilarious comments which revolved around KFOX being a snitch.

Keep it low key, KFOX, don't snitch

Said user @_joshiesty_

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While some comments called KOX a snitch, I don't believe they are. Sure, they recorded these guys scaling the wall, but did they call them out? Did they chase them down? We don't know. It's possible that KFOX just minded their own business, and let these two be someone else's problem.

There were plenty of others who were shocked (or maybe they were just being facetious) that this Border fence didn't stop these two from jumping it.

Can't believe they spent all that money on that useless Wall

Said user @ray.aguirre1.

Others speculated what these two guys could be crossing over for like:

They are here for a Quinceanera

Said user @rollandomotadelcampo.

They must be late for their day job!

Said user @anguspup1969.

And others were impressed at how fast these guys were at scaling the fence!

Need those guys for SWAT. They got skills.

Said user @mas_4233

Second guy was smooth asf sliding down that rope

Said user @terabronx

And, with a comment that I HAVE to agree with, this is faster than waiting on the bridge.

This way of crossing is faster than the bridge.. there was no time to waste.

Said user @mo_bedda.

No matter what side of the fence you're on (pun intended), the comments are hilarious- and no, KFOX, you're not a snitch.

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