For the longest time, I never drank coffee. Never needed it because I was a constant ball of energy anyway. Then I did start drinking it, but got to the point I can't anymore. Makes me too jittery and almost causes anxiety. But lots of people do drink coffee, and here are some stats on coffee drinking and coffee drinkers courtesy of a survey from Buzzfeed.

  • If you add cream and sugar to your coffee, you're adding about 70 calories per day to your diet.
  • 49% of people always add cream, 38% do it sometimes, and 13% of people take their coffee black.
  • 73% of people add sugar to their coffee. 14% of that group say that they "pile it on". And there are 27% that don't add sugar at all.
  • A large majority of people, 84% said they like iced coffee, especially when it's hot outside. But there are those who don't want iced coffee no matter what, 16% of people want nothing to do with it.
  • And finally, you can't do a coffee survey without talking about Pumpkin Spice. 65% of people say they enjoy it, while 35% of people say it's gross.


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