A new law banning texting while driving in Texas was recently passed. Now, a law is being considered which would ease other cell phone/driving restrictions. Wait, what?

A new law takes effect September 1st that "rolls back" stricter cell phone use laws all over Texas, including here in El Paso. El Paso Herald Post online reports the ban...

...pre-empts only local regulations relating to a driver’s ability to “read, write, or send an electronic message.” The broader pre-emption Abbott favors would block local governments from “any regulation of mobile devices in vehicles,” effectively nullifying tougher cellphone regulations in about 40 Texas cities.

The point, apparently, is to establish a standard, statewide law on this issue as opposed to the current myriad of laws that vary across the state from town to town. Next up, Democratic State Sen. Judith Zaffirini plans to propose a statewide law requiring hands-free phone usage. She feels her proposal:

would accomplish the governor’s goal of uniform statewide legislation while strengthening restrictions on mobile phone usage behind the wheel across the state - El Paso Herald Post

So, they're strengthening laws, that weaken laws, in order to strengthen them. Way to politician!!

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