You will be able to spare your body the painful needle this weekend. If you were crossing your fingers in hopes to get that tattoo this weekend, it won't be happening. Just as school, concerts, and shows have been postponing so has the tattoo expo. A couple of days ago Star City Tattoo Expo came to an agreement with the El Paso Convention Center. Due to Covid-19 affecting the health of others, for the sake of your well-being and safety, March 20 through March 22 shows have been postponed.

If you have purchased your tickets for the Star City Tattoo Expo already hold on to them. They will have more details and further information on their new dates updated as soon as possible. I was looking forward to going this year but totally respect the decision that has been made for the Star City Tattoo Expo. If you were going to the expo for a new tat or just look around leave your two cents below.

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