Yes it is a real product.

Not sure if you've heard of Poo~Pourri. It is a classy sassy effective spray that leaves the bathroom smelling better than when you walked in. A blend of essential oils that eliminates un-happy odors that (each bottle) lasts over three months (100 uses).

So girls, if you're worried about going to the bathroom in your boyfriends house or at work ... worry no more because

"Spritz the bowl before-you-go and no one else will ever know."

( I can't even read that phrase without giggling.)

Kinda reminds me of the Outkast song "Roses" and while we're there, this should go with the Charmin commercial as well.

Their webstite: Girls Don't Poop - has more information about this in case you're interested OR for the male in your house:

Poo~Pourri / Facebook



Honestly, I got a kick out of this when I saw it on Youtube. I mean, seriously? Open a window!