You can't buy it in the United States yet but, hopefully, it won't be long.

We're in the middle of an awesome concert run with Cage The Elephant tomorrow night and Atreyu and Wolfmother coming soon to Tricky Falls. 30 packs are on sale at my favorite grocery store and now this!? Life. Is. Good.

I love Twix (not as much as Turtles though!) so, this ROCKS! A spreadable Twix has been developed and could soon be available here in the U. S. Screw you PB & J, we're talking Twix sandwiches here.

That's not all either. Apparently, these wonderful people have developed an entire line of spreadable candy goodness. Yep, you can also get Milky Way stripey spread, Milky Way regular spread, Galaxy Hazelnut spread and Mars dessert sauce.

It's a great time to be alive guys!

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