There are some places people couldn't pass up visiting despite flooded floors. Other individuals simply couldn't stand a flooded floor unless it was at their favorite restaurant. There are some places in El Paso that are too good to pass up regardless of the situation.

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Not long ago 915 on Blast shared a couple of pictures of places with flooded floors. There were places all over town that were majorly affected by the rain. For example, Ruli's International Kitchen had tons of water seeping in through the roof.

They had to close their doors since the water was coming down from above their heads. Plus it was different spots from the kitchen to the seating area that had rain coming in. But Ruli's International Kitchen wasn't the only place affected by the storm.

There were a couple of other places in El Paso that had serious flooding. Except for a couple of places, 915 on Blast shared didn't have rain falling from the ceiling. Instead, the floors were flooded but get this, people still went despite the situation.

Dewey's Corner Pub off North Piedras Street had a flooded floor and closed. You can clearly see two ladies sitting at a table despite how much water is laying beneath them. Just look for yourself below so you can see the evidence provided by Rico Velez. Dewey's regulars were bummed about them closing their doors unlike other places that remained open.

Somewhere else that people didn't seem to mind the flooded ground was Wing Shack. There were tons of guests sitting at Wing Shack without a care in the world about the flood. You can see the photo by clicking here and how much of a packed house it was despite the floor situation.

We all have that one particular restaurant we wouldn't mind getting wet for because it's that good. The place I would not mind sitting at surrounded by dirty water is Avila's or El Cometa. But feel free to share your spot that's too good to pass up in the poll below.

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