El Paso doesn't get a ton of snow but it does happen and once in a SUPER blue moon it happens on Christmas. It's been a long while since the last time, could 2023 be next?

El Paso and snow don't really get together terribly often. When we do get some, it tends to freak everybody out a little. The same goes for rain ... it's like a major disaster or something.

Seriously, at the very thought of snow, schools close, the city shuts down and people have accidents just looking at their cars. If a bunch of El Pasoans suddenly woke up in Colorado, I don't think many would make it out alive.

So, yeah ... as rare as snow is in El Paso in general, getting any on Christmas Day is even more unlikely.

Our snowfall typically amounts to an inch or so and it's usually melted and gone in a day or two ... if not an hour or two. There have been some "good" snow years though, most notably, 1987. That's when 22" of snow fell on EP.

According to KTSM, we got 8.1 inches on December 26th 2015 and 2.3 inches on December 29th 2018. Christmas Eve, 2011, brought 2.4 inches.

Cold Spell Hits the UK
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There hasn't been snow in the 915 on Christmas Day since 1997 ... 26 years. Wow. You would think we'd be due, right? Nope. Not this year anyway.

While predictions call for a "cold, wet" December this year, there's only 1 expected snow day ... and, it ain't Christmas.

AccuWeather has Christmas Day in El Chuco looking damn near Spring-ish. Low of 32, high of 60. Sigh, next year maybe ...

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