Every week, NASA shares an image captured by the Mars Perseverance Rover for their "image of the week". The image is voted on by the public and lately some of the images are looking a little too familiar to some El Pasoans!

I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the images from Mars I also thought the same thing- is this El Paso?! Check out the images below.

Why does it look like El Paso during windy season?! And why did I think that second one was a rock wall from someone's backyard?!

We all know how it is every year. Spring in the Borderland means winds and dust, and every year we see things flying in the sky that we wouldn't normally see. Unfortunately, we also see some sort of horrible damage done, like this roof that flew off of a house and caused a small, but alarming, fire.

Tell me you also see the resemblance?

I wasn't the only one to see the similarities between Mars and El Paso during windy season. On Twitter, I mean "X", El Pasoan Jorge knew the Mars photos also looked familiar.

About the images captured by the Perseverance Rover on Mars, NASA says:

NASA's Mars Perseverance rover acquired this image using its Left Mastcam-Z camera. Mastcam-Z is a pair of cameras located high on the rover's mast.
This image was acquired on Aug. 22, 2023 (Sol 890) at the local mean solar time of 12:39:21.

You can check out more photos captured from different angles and different cameras, as well as voting for the image of the week here.

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