Can you imagine being a senior in high school and running a high-end shoe retailer with your brother? Well, a Coronado High School Senior, Drew Frank, and his brother don't have to imagine the way we have to. Two brothers are currently living the dream that others also share about running a high-end shoe retailer. If you're a shoe fanatic then you will be familiar with the store, Kickpin. Just recently the El Paso Independent School District announced some awesome news about a Coronado Senior managing responsibility. Drew Frank who's considered an entrepreneur at such a young age has quite the list of clients. Drew Frank is a good example of a determined student chasing their dreams. Drew Frank and his brother have a few celebrities on their client list. Well, nothing like a local supporting another local. By that, I mean it's nice to see a local (Khalid) supporting (another local), Drew Frank, and his brother.

Besides Khalid, Kickpin has had other celebrities who they see them more as clients. A couple of others from their celebrity clientele to name are Lil Yachty and Migos. But you know it is nice to learn some tips and tricks from someone doing what you also hope to do. If you've had any questions about starting your own business, read an interview with a sneaker King on E.P.I.S.D's website. Not only is the Coronado High School Senior just balancing school but two businesses now. His other business is called Concrete Hills that is a high-end streetwear brand. You can pursue what you aim for just don't ever give up on it.

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