There is nothing like seeing a hidden treasure someone else did the dirty work for. When I watch movies like The Descent I have always felt the rush to explore a cave. That same feeling of adventure also scares me out of exploring a secret hidden cave.

Four years ago a group of people filmed their journey through a secret hidden cave in El Paso, Texas. If you're clueless as to what a spelunker is, it is defined as a person who explores caves.

The spelunkers you see in the video are Amanda, Ale, Gabriel, Jesus, and Lowell. They did the dirty work of showing us what is inside one of El Paso's hidden caves.

The group recorded their mission from start to finish, beginning from them hiking in and ending with the rush of getting out of the cave.

The spelunkers spent a few hours underground exploring, taking pictures, and picking up trash. Watching them in certain parts of the video above had me trying to catch my breath. Those parts during the horizontal crawl cave left my chest feeling tight.

Guad Grotto, the YouTube user who hosts the video of the cave exploration, commented that a part of the cave was a tight squeeze of 11-inch x 24-inch for 12 feet. '

I am not claustrophobic but I sure as hell would be in that tight space they crawled through. They don't like to just share where the hidden cave is in order to keep it from being trashed, so if you're curious to check the hidden cave out, they will give you directions. Feel free to reach out to the courageous group and watch their other adventures on Guad Grotto's YouTube channel.

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