Deftones fans are anxiously awaiting for Friday, February 26 to roll around simply for the release of their White Pony Super Deluxe Box Set.

Fans were surprised when they came across some footage the YouTube channel Deftones Live had shared. The stunning recording shows Deftones performing their song "Answers" on a cable show Sacto Active Rock Community.

This song may not sound like typical Deftones material we're used to hearing. Something else that you will notice is Abe Cunningham isn't behind drums in the rare video above. John Taylor was the drummer for Deftones from 1990 until Abe Cunningham rejoined in 1993.

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Another reason why Deftones fans are fanning out because this video features the late Chi Cheng. Plus you can tell how far back this was recorded since Chino Moreno had a baby face minus the facial hair he has now.

Every music fan knows how big of a deal it is to see old footage from their favorite band.

Especially when it is footage that has never been seen since it was broadcasted years ago. Deftones Live reminded fans it is a fan initiative page and is not affiliated with Deftones. But Deftones Live sure made the right move to share this piece of work with fellow Deftones fans.

Despite the not-so-great quality of the footage it still made a great entertainment clip for Deftones fans. As a Deftones fan myself I definitely appreciate coming across the little things like this 90's footage.

If it weren't for Deftones Live some of us who didn't catch that cable show wouldn't have been able to see the clip above.

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