It is always a pleasure to see Jeff Dunham and especially his crew that always pushes our laughing buttons. Jeff Dunham sure did put his quarantine time to use brainstorming a new character. Usually his characters almost always remind us of someone we know or have met in our lives. I have a strong love for Walter, Bubba J, and Achmed “The Dead Terrorist.” His last creation is a helper for President Donald Trump who can’t stop shaking and goes by the name of Larry. We were introduced to him last year on Saturday, June 15 at The Plaza Theater and he was hilarious.

But since Covid-19 has put a slight pause on our everyday lives, Jeff Dunham got to work to invent a new crew member. Last Friday, Jeff Dunham went live on YouTube and displayed his newly half built member. All we can tell from the video above is that the new guy seems like he has nomophobia. The condition nomophobia is someone who just can’t be without their phone. Ever. I am trusting my gut that I will also enjoy the newbie's personality when we can meet him. You don't have to watch the full video above but can get a sneak peek at the new dude. If you skip around through different parts then you will see certain functions the dude doll does. I don't think Walter will ever be knocked off the pedestal I have had him on since he will forever be my favorite.

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