Deftones White Pony turns the big 2-0 on June 20, 2020. which means another virtual listening party. This past Wednesday some people were lucky enough to dig deeper into their curiosities involving White Pony.

Anyone who knows me knows that I still haven't met The Deftones from all the times I have seen them. I can now finally say that I have met them just not in person. You must be wondering how the hell I met them if it wasn't in person, right?

Well, my higher up was able to sign me up for a spot to check out a live press conference with the Deftones on Zoom. Not only was I part of a Q&A session with Deftones, so were multiple fellow Deftone fans from around the world

All I have to say is I'm glad my first live press conference was with them.

I also will take what I can get to meet the guys from the Deftones. I never thought my first time meeting the Deftones would be through a teleconference. Never say never, right? Right.

I still felt extremely nervous which you can be able to tell by my eye contact and shaky voice.

When you're listening to the live press conference do know there were some technical difficulties. It lasted for about an hour and gave us the chance to kill some of the curiosities we have had.

It was mainly Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham answering some of the questions we all had. My quickie virtual reality meet and greet with the Deftones begins at 45 minutes and some seconds in. All I can share is the audio from the White Pony press conference earlier this week. Apparently my friend and I had the wrong idea of how they worked on their album White Pony. I figured the song names and lyrics would come first before the album but not with Deftones. The icon for the album came first before anything else. The words and titles were the last to come to them. It's cool that Chino Moreno and White Pony share the special date of June 20.

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