You know how Chico's Tacos is cash only? Well, Southwest University Park is about to become the exact opposite of that. That's right, Southwest University Park is about to become cashless.

Starting at the 2021 season, Southwest University Park will only accept major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay and tickets preloaded with cash at both the Durango and Santa Fe Box Offices, all food and beverage locations, and the Chihuahuas and Locomotive Team Shops.

Also, the 50/50 Jackpot presented by Texas Gas Service will also be accepting debit cards as the preferred method of payment in lieu of cash.

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According to Southwest University Park, with a cashless system, Southwest University Parks looks to decrease transaction times, create faster moving lines, create fewer points of contact for fan and staff safety, and improve overall guest satisfaction.

Which is pretty cool. Except for a few nay-sayers who believe that the venue is getting behind the "Orwellian nightmare", and that this will stop them from going to any games this season, most people are actually okay with it.

I actually think it's pretty cool- I hardly carry cash with me (millennial and whatnot), however, I know that many people aren't really into the whole card thing and prefer to have cash. Which is why I think it's pretty great that they're accommodating by allowing patrons to load their tickets with cash at the Durango and Santa Fe Box Offices.

This might be a big change for many, however I think it is a good transition as we navigate games throughout this pandemic.

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