2-9-17-36-67. Those are the winning numbers for the Powerball drawing from back in JANUARY. Nobody claimed the winnings but Texas Lottery executives now say that there was a winner! A Quick Pick ticket was sold in El Paso that matched all five numbers but not the Powerball number 18.The ticket, sold at Big Savers Market, located at 3630 Alameda Ave Suite B, is worth $1 million and has remained unclaimed. The ticket set to expire soon!

It kind of shocks me that this ticket was for a drawing in January and that it hasn't been claimed yet. It also shocks me that they give this long of a time to pass to claim the winnings.The deadline to claim the $1 million prize is Thursday, July 23 at 5 P.M. local time. Apparently a winning ticket expires on the 180th day flowing the draw date. According to the Texas Lottery, the ticket holder forfeits any claim to the prize if not claimed- meaning all that money reverts back to the state for programs authorized by the Texas Legislature. Although they also state that the deadline may be extended for a period of time for certain eligible military personnel.

This means that this person has had over 100 days to claim the ticket. But we mustn't judge. Maybe the ticket was misplaced. Maybe whoever had the ticket didn't think they had a chance and didn't bother to look at the ticket. The possibilities are endless really. Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery says: "We encourage our Powerball players to take another look at their tickets, check the numbers again and if your numbers match, sign the back of the ticket and contact us to request an appointment to claim your prize."

Again, check your tickets, fellow El Pasoans, you have until Thursday, July 23 at 5 P.M. local time! Those numbers were: 2-9-17-36-67. 

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