Ok kiddies, get ready to sing!

Or at least tell me what you'd like to sing about!!

I posted a blog earlier about "The Bridge" from Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  (Someone finally tracked down the actual bridge referred to in that song.)

What about El Pasos 'bridge'?  I don't mean bridge literally, (though waiting in line on one of our bridges is probably a pretty common memory for most of us!!),  but what does El Paso have that you think a really good song could be written about??

Beautiful views like Trans Mountain at sunset? 

Cool places to interact?  (Not for drug deals like "The Bridge" but to people watch or just hang out.)  The Cool Canyon Nights concerts maybe??

Climbing Christo Rey at Easter??

Rocking and partying at the Texas Tattoo Showdown or the El Paso Downtown Street Festival??

That long, lonely stretch of highway (after Cruces) on the way to Elephant Butte?

Whatcha' got El Paso?  Where's our "Bridge"