I found this article called "9 Things Women in Music are Sick of Experiencing", and it has some valid points to it.  I see a lot of shows, and am in the middle of the floor when I can be, so you notice things.  I'm really glad that metal in particular has become less of a sausage-fest in recent years, and I encourage more women to come out to shows and have some fun with us!

But some of the things that happen at shows should really stop.  I'm not going to go through all of them on that site, since I don't see all of them.  And if you want to check them out, feel free.


I know, you see a hot girl squeezing by you on the floor, making her way to the pit, and you think, "She'd never know it was me if I grab her boob."  And you might be right, she might not notice it was you.  Does that mean you should do it?

And remember, that big guy pushing along not far from her might be her boyfriend/husband, and if he notices, you're toast.


Sometimes you can tell when a girl is at a show because she thinks the band is cute, or she's only there because her boyfriend made her come.  But if she's in the pit, or squeezed up against the barricade, singing along and getting crushed from behind by a few thousand other fans, this would be a dumb assumption.

No one suffers the barricade for something as weak as, "He's cute!"  Lay off, and give her the same respect as the guys.


I admit, I was one of these guys for a while.  It takes a little bit of time for people to accept change, and with rock/metal being so dominated by dudes for so long, seeing women come into their own is new for some people.  But there are so many amazing women both on stage and in the crowd, it's time to let go of this crap.

Why is it cool for Angela Gossow to roar and stalk the stage, but not cool for the girl next to you in the pit to be as fanatical as you are?


Admit it.  Go ahead.  When you see a girl with a backstage pass, you think she went down on a crew guy to get it.  There are so many stories from the golden age of rock/metal about this happening, it's almost inconceivable that they could have gotten it any other way.

If you can't let go of that, you might have a problem.  They might have gotten it another way, they might not.  Maybe the dude with the backstage pass was giving handies behind the bus for his.

This is why I don't like to shake hands at shows, you never know what the other person might have done.

So guys, lay off the girls, let them enjoy the shows with us.  You never know, if you embrace their love of the music we love, you might not feel the need to randomly grope another concert-goer, since you'll have a girl of your own by your side, who might be groping YOU!

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