El Paso get ready to welcome back school zones to your driving habits. Usually, during the summer, we can keep a steady speed that is until school returns. Starting today El Paso Independent School District is back in session which means school zones are a thing again.

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Now that school zones are going to be a part of some of our routes, means one thing. It is that time again to get back into the habit of following the speed limit in a school zone. Now there are quite a bit of people who ignore the speed limit in school zones.

Honestly, I look back now and get mad at myself when I ignored them in my youth. Well, after having kids myself, I now get mad at those who ignore the speed limit in school zones. There are school zones all around El Paso that most drivers abide by thanks to the cops that park at their usual spot.

If it weren't for the police parking in their usual spot drivers would continuously speed through. There are a ton of schools in the El Paso Independent School District and shared school zones that are typically ignored. Below is a gallery of pictures I took of the school zones that are ignored by some drivers.

There are some school zones you may or may not recognize in the gallery below. But the school zones featured below are just some that I noticed El Paso drivers tend to typically ignore.

Some of the Many School Zones Ignored by EP Drivers

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