Monopoly replaced the iron game piece with a cat in 2013.  Now, the thimble just got the axe.  What if they redid all 8 pieces based on uniquely El Paso things?

I'd make these changes:

  • The Car stays but, now it's a lowrider. A '66 Impala, ese.
  • The Dog. We love the perro so, he stays but now he's a Chihuahua.
  • The Tophat. We'll switch this to a folded bandana.
  • The Battleship. It's primarily army around here so, we'll switch to a tank. Go 1st AD!
  • The Wheelbarrow. C'mon, after years of "Mexican Gardener" stereotypes? We're totally keeping this one.
  • The Cat = a Chupacabra! (Keep it away from the Chihuahua though.
  • The Boot. Too easy ... a chancla!

There was once a cannon piece but, it was retired and never replaced. If we did replace it however, it would have to be a Tequila bottle. (We're talking "shots" here, right?) Finally, the poor thimble would become a cell phone. Mostly because nobody around here seems to be able to drive ... or do anything else ... without one!

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