Recently, when everything was closed and people were afraid to get together in large numbers, we had to get creative entertainment-wise.

Virtual cocktail parties became a thing and plenty of people had adult family members, spouses, or roommates to chill with. Many others though, were sitting home alone. I often found myself enjoying a few beers alone at home and having binge-watched EVERYTHING on Netflix ... Except Tiger King. I refuse to watch that. What brain cells I have left need to be protected ... I came up with drinking games to play with my dogs.

  • Roll Call.  I call 1 of my 3 dogs and wait to see who comes.  (Honestly, you never know...) If all 3 do, I get a shot. If 2 show up, I get a beer. If none show ... sometimes they just open one eye and look at me ... I have to drink water. (In that event, house rules allow me to ask, "Who wants a cookie?" which pretty much guarantees perfect attendance. Fair?? Not really but I'm the human, I make the rules.)
  • Stick. My dogs love "Stick". I throw it, they run after it, this can go on all-day. In the drinking version, if the lab picks it up, I get a beer. If the shepherd grabs it, I get a shot and if the pitbull, snags it, I double up on both. (That's because the "pittie" will run stand over it but rarely ever actually picks it up. She's kinda the "hat trick" in this one.)
  • Get The Rabbit. I see a rabbit in the yard, I unleash the fury and wait to see what happens. If the rabbit gets away, my choice of up to 3 drinks. If any and/or all the dogs get the rabbit, I get no drink and a quick yet intense workout trying to save the rabbit.

Relax animal lovers, these rabbits are quick as lightning while my dogs ... like me ... are slow and clumsy. The rabbit always wins which is why I bet my drink on him. (Or her ... I can't tell the difference.) There you go, if you find yourself home alone this weekend, try these with your dogs for an evening of furry quality time and fun.

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