Lately, there has been a craze for Joe Exotic and the other cast members. I still haven't caved in to see the show and what the fuss is all about. Apparently, the fuss must be that great for someone to play a game to see how many opinions she gets. A woman in El Paso is just dying to know what you believe about Carole Baskin. She made a game that can be played right at her doorstep.

If you don't know who Carole Baskin is just Google her name and check the news headlines on her. Crazy huh? Carole Baskin is being accused of killing her husband and feeding him to the tigers. So lately that explains why you're seeing a bunch of memes with a lady and a tiger on it. But this is where an El Paso woman comes in to play. She is playing games with her mail while practicing social distancing. Her concern with your opinion about Carole Baskin is now a game right at her doorstep. Help her get more opinions by placing your answer down below.

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