One particular area near Cincinnati district is a dangerous intersection for pedestrians and drivers. Different sections of N. Mesa Street are currently undergoing some road construction. When El Paso is in the middle of a road construction project it can make driving a little more dangerous. To make matters worse they basically took N. Mesa Street with 3 lanes and slimmed it down to just one lane. But just before N. Mesa Street turns into one lane only is where it can be a problem for some drivers. Some mornings I take the N. Mesa Street route when I head to work and have seen close-call fender benders. Usually, the drivers I have seen cause a possible close call for other drivers are the last minute drivers. By last-minute drivers, I mean the people who wait until the last minute to get in the correct lane they need.

We all have seen last-minute drivers try to race and beat another driver to get into the correct lane. There are some last-minute drivers that won't rush to cut in but will be the cause of even more traffic. It seems like the intersection after Cincinnati sometimes has people feeling like race car drivers. There have been times other drivers have tried to cut me off to get in my lane. This is why I make sure to get in the proper lane in advance which is at Kerbey Avenue and N. Mesa Street. But despite seeing a line of cars you will see some drivers trying to skip the line and cut in it instead.

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