There are things you see that leave you feeling like Curious George and wanting to try it out too. Sometimes those things seem oddly satisfying as you continue watching someone else do it.

I'm sure some of you're wondering who in the hell would waste a bar of soap for this? Clearly, the people who made the video above had the right idea about it being oddly satisfying. After watching this short video of someone tear apart a bar of soap and watch it crumble sure is tempting to me. There are videos you see that trigger your curiosity and this was one definitely triggered mine. Perfect example, I get bored when my son is away for a whole month due to summer visitation. ASMR Slime Satisfying sure did catch my attention with these soap videos! I am not sure if you can make a soap like this yourself or if you have to special order them and willing to do either. Now there are some people who also find things like this satisfying to watch and try. Another satisfaction that EVERYONE enjoys is lining up over 200 dominos and creating a chain reaction fall.

There are all kinds of oddly satisfying videos and things to do but this has been my ultimate favorite!


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