Rocklin is SOOOOO NOT Rockin!! WTH!!! Rocklin, a small town in Califorinia may be forced to stop lighting it up in their own back yards if one resident legalizes his proposal. James Baker wants Rocklin City Council to ban outdoor smoking, even making it illegal for residents to smoke outside of their own homes but still on their own property. Can you believe this, El Paso?!?! I am not a smoker, but I believe in people's rights and your home is your castle. You feel like having a smoke in the back yard, that's your will. If you wanna lounge around naked in your back yard (my personal Fave ;oD ), thats your prerogative. You wana take a crap in your pool, that's your shit! You get what I mean. And here's the kicker!! As quoted by, James Baker,


“We’re just saying: ‘Please don’t poison us,’” Baker told the Placer Herald newspaper.

“Can you smoke inside your home? The reason they don’t want to do that is because they don’t want their family breathing it in. But it’s okay for your neighbor?”

“It’s not a property issue. It’s an issue of poison,” he told the newspaper. “Ten percent of all Californians smoke. In a town of our size, are we protecting the rights of the minority?”

So I'm guessing that maybe all the cars constantly driving around in one of the largest states in the U.S. has nothing to do with the "poison" in the air ... hmm ... eff it! I'm in TEXAS, BABY!!!! He may be a part of the minority of non smokers, but he's DEFINITELY  apart of the MAJORITY of the crazies in California!