Pole dancing, while sexy as hell, isn't the easiest thing to do.  This girl makes it look that way though!

While scrolling around the web today, errrr ... I mean while hard at work, checking various web sites for new and better ways to improve my job performance, generate more revenue and save company assets, I found this.  Her name is Anastasia and the clip is from a Russian television program called Ukraine Got Talent.

A couple of questions:  Does every freakin country in the world have one of these shows? Why can't our version be as hot as this one?  Also, I've been seeing a lot of hot vids coming out of Russia lately.  When did they get so sexy over there??  (Wanna see another hot ... and flexible ... Anastasia?)

No idea what they are saying in this but, trust me, once the music starts it doesn't matter anyway.