Slvthammer made their video with help from some local babes and classic cars.  Here are a few other videos putting the spotlight on hot cars and even hotter girls.

A friend of mine sent me this one from Pretty Maids when he saw they used my dream car in this Road Warrior-esque video. A great blend of metal and, well, metal.

In a time when 55mph was the law of the land, Sammy Hagar and his Ferrari refused to conform.

Ok, this one may not be real but ... you'll have to admit ... tow trucks really are "heavy metal".

The hands down, kings of this video form are ... undeniably ... Texas' own ZZ Top. Here are two of their vids, the first featuring that '33 Ford that became forever linked with them and the second featuring several classic rods.

Along, of course, with several smokin' hot ladies ...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What's your favorite "rock, cars 'n babes" mashup?

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