So the power went out last night after the big storms that rolled through. I was actually kind of glad it because it saved me from having to keep watching Small Town Folk. I just wasn't into it. I'm all for a cheesy, campy, cheaply made horror movie, but I just couldn't get into this.

Now that being said, if you enjoy the campy, cheesy horror flick, you might like it.  Here some factoids about Small Town Folk:

  • It was originally intended to be a short film
  • Most of the movie was shot with natural light
  • It was made for a little over $6,000 and was funded by the cast and crew
  • It was shot over a four-year period

Small Town Folk Analysis

  • Jump Factor — 2
  • Gross Out Factor — 3
  • Alcohol Pairing — Some room temperature Newcastle Brown Ale