Slipknot could be headed for the big screen.

Slipknot have been busy lately. After getting back into the studio to record .5 The Gray Chapter, making videos, getting arrested and undertaking a massive tour, these guys haven't had a lot of down time.

And that's not about to change, as they're already planning a new album. Not simply an album -- a double album -- and, just for giggles, they're thinking of doing a feature length movie to go along with it. Corey Taylor said in a recent interview that:

“Clown and I and Jim have been talking about what would be next. The idea we had was to come up with the concept, then provide the soundtrack for it. “But I told them the other day, ‘Let’s take it even further. Let’s make our Purple Rain, let’s make our The Wall. 

He added that it may be a few years before they can complete all this but, I'm sure it will be with the wait!