Slayer guitarist Kerry King has revealed detailed plans for the band’s upcoming album. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, King stated that Slayer’s next full-length will be finished and possibly released as early as this summer.

In the February 2012 edition of Metal Hammer magazine, King discussed the progress of the as-yet-untitled album and the current health of guitarist Jeff Hanneman after his encounter with a flesh-eating virus via a spider bite.

“Currently we’re taking a break, but I am very excited by the way it’s all turning out so far,” King says about the next album. “I’ve worked up three songs with Dave [Lombardo] and they’re sounding really refreshing and energetic. I’m certain that I’ll have three more ready to go when we return to action.”

King continued, “I don’t think we’ll spend long in the studio this time either. We’re gonna do it old school style and get things done fast. In fact, we are already ahead of schedule. The album will be ready for a summer release. But whether it’s put out at that time is down to the record label [American]. They might have other plans. But we want it with the fans during the summer.”

King addressed the recovery of Hanneman after his near-death experience. “We could go onstage with him right now and do ‘Mandatory Suicide.’ If that was the only song in our set, Jeff would be fine. But he’s slowly getting himself back to full fitness and by the time we’re ready to tour he’ll be right back onstage with us.”

Slayer are set to co-headline to 2012 Mayhem Festival with Slipknot, Anthrax and others.

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