It's a day where everyone is Irish. Even though St. Patrick himself was not. Oh, and his color wasn't green either. It was actually blue. And blue is also the national color of Ireland as well, but everyone associates it with green. The "Emerald" Isle. Here are six stats courtesy of Wallet Hub about St. Patrick's Day for you to impress your friends with tonight over a pint of Guinness.

  • 56% of people are planning on celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year.
  • 83% of the people celebrating will be wearing green.
  • Each person will average $38 spent on celebrating. Which comes out to $5.3 BILLION spent on St. Patrick's Day.
  • There will be 13 million pints of Guinness drank today worldwide.
  • Cabbage consumption has a significant spike today with 70% more being eaten.
  • St. Patrick's Day, despite being known for drinking, comes in as the FOURTH most popular drinking holiday, behind New Years, Christmas and the 4th of July.

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