I saw something that someone had shared on social media that took me way back. I have seen people share things they also remember doing back in the day. Once we reached middle and high school we had yearbooks that our friends could sign. But in elementary we didn't really have yearbooks to sign so we had something else. I remember wearing a white shirt on the last day of school so all my friends could sign. It was an exciting feeling when the last school bell rang releasing students for summer break. Besides being excited about summer vacation and no more school, part of the excitement was getting home to read what your friends wrote. I remember when my old crush signed my shirt and I couldn't wait to get home to read what he wrote. But signing t-shirts were our old school version of yearbooks. But the kids now are able to purchase yearbooks in elementary.

Where my son last attended school they had yearbooks for the kids to sign on the last day of school. Times now have been upgrading since I was a younger kid and didn't have the things that are around now. But honestly, I don't regret it one bit. I actually look back and enjoy the things that my generation had then. But it is a good feeling that t-shirt signing actually still exists to this day. It is also nice to see others reminisce about it too on Reddit. Place your vote if you remember the t-shirt signing in the poll below.

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