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It is so much fun finding these old videos of the Borderland. This most recent video I found over on YouTube claims that it is footage from 1961 and 1962. The footage also has a little bit of everything from the area. There is El Paso, Juarez, and Fort Bliss.

Back in the early 60s, the El Paso Times had a segment called Mr. Reporter Tell Me. Here are some excerpts from that series that will help put you even more in the mindset of 1960s El Paso.

“Tell me if it is true or not that cattle rustlers and others were hanged on that tree on the west side of the Hilton Hotel or was it another one?”  — R.T. Gentry, Porter Ave.

Cleofas Calleros, El Paso historian, says as far as his extensive research into early-day El Paso history has gone, there are no written or oral records of any hangings from a tree. The famous landmark tree behind the Hilton Hotel was used as an early-day bulletin board or newspaper. Several hangings took place at the courthouse from a gallow, Calleros said. — Bill Thompson

“I have a list of the days the American Flag should be flown. One is Mother’s Day but not Father’s Day. Why is the flag not flown on Father’s Day?” — Robert J. Theus, Creston Ave.

Although, as a matter of patriotism and respect, the flag should be flown on all days when the weather permits. Congress has set 15 “special” days spaced through the year when particular emphasis is placed on display of the flag.

“For several mornings the traffic light at the junction of Alameda and El Paso Drive has allowed only three or four cars from each lane to pass on their way into town. Why?” — Weldon Steward, Wenda Way

The stoplights at this intersection are actuated by the volume of traffic on both thoroughfares, yielding to the heavier demand but designed to accommodate a reasonable flow of traffic from either street where demand is equal. The green light for Alameda traffic is phased with the light at Raynolds Street so that there should be but one interruption unless there is a malfunction. The light at Copia is too isolated to permit synchronization, traffic engineer Joe Nadon said.

Police patrol cars are instructed to report any location where the lights are not operating properly so that adjustments or repairs can be made. — George Kinsinger

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