I would like to start off by saying Scott Ronson is a caring individual.

Now here is my story.

I swung by a local fast food joint on my way to work today and because there was a plethora of cars in the drive thru I decided to walk in. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Standing there was a lady with her child, I will guess he was between 12 to 14 years old and weighed over 200 pounds. All he kept yelling was "I'm Starving" over and over again, this little s&it wouldn't shut up. We are at the counter so just wait a second, i think to my self. Over and over with the F'n I'm Starving. I looked at his mom finally and she gave me a look like "Do you have a problem"?

Again, I want to remind you that Scott Ronson is a caring individual but I couldn't take it any more. I turned to the kid and said "Shut up you fat b@st@rd, do you know how many people have starved to death in the world today? You could go a couple months without putting any food in that trap and you still would be fat. Well, the little fat b@st@rd started crying and that's when the old saying, "I'll give yea something to cry about came to mind. Mom at this time decided it was her time to intervene. Before the fat b@st@rds mom could say anything i turn to her and said " If you can't control your little fat b@st@rd I guess I will have to. By now my appetite was gone so I grabbed the straw dispenser, threw it across the room and walked out. If you can't handle your little fat b@st@rds, don't get mad at me when I HAVE to.

I would like to end by saying Scott Ronson is a caring individual.