It’s a title that former child star Scott Baio has held onto tenaciously for over a decade. But it now looks like Rick(y) Shroder is in serious contention to replace Baio as “Most Loathsome Former Child Star”.

Shroder, 51, made his presence as a Loathsome Former Child Star known back in November 2020 when he was identified as the guy who posted bail for Kyle Rittenhouse.

“This was Kyle’s life being destroyed” Shroder said , without a hint of recognizing the irony of bailing out a person who took an illegally obtained AR-15 to a protest zone and ending up killing two protestors and permanently disabling another.

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The Loathsome Former Child Star bar had previously been set very high (low) by former “Joanie Loves Chachi” star Baio. After a strong start of accusing President Barak Obama of being “Muslim”, Baio followed up by spreading Sandy Hook conspiracies  speculating that his former “Joanie Loves Cachi” co-star died of “drug abuse” (it was actually Stage 4 Cancer) defending Roseanne and picking a fight with Wanda Sykes, which he lost.

Schroder made an impressive showing over the weekend, though, by going to a Costco and berating an employee for the store’s mask policy:

My guess is that the employee doesn’t have “bailing out accused murderer” type of money, so it really comes off as punching down for Schroder.

Also, I couldn’t get confirmation that Schroder was ORIGINALLY at the Costco to pick up a job application by publication time so I guess that one will have to be filed under “unconfirmed” at this point.


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