News Channel 9 is letting you decide if their crew should take part in No Shave November for a good cause! A lot of you have voted for yes, which means the yes votes are currently at 78% and a small percentage of you voted no.

After reading this I was curious if you would actually like to see the Klaq staff participate in this challenge. I am not saying just the men here, but also involving us ladies to join in as well. There are some who already have that bush growing on their face right now. News Channel 9 anchor Patrick Hayes is hoping you vote yes, to save him money since razors are expensive. Now, it's not a bad sight for men because they look even better with some hair on their face. But as for us women, we will definitely have to go into hibernation until November is over.

If you would enjoy seeing our staff take part in this challenge take the poll below!

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