There have been changes happening all around the country and we've seen many statues being brought down during protests. Now, there is a petition online asking for one major US city to change the name to honor a hometown hero. A petition is asking the city council of Columbus, Ohio to change the city's name to "Flavortown," after TV chef Guy Fieri. Fieri was born in Columbus and petitioners say they want the city's name to reflect a more honorable name.

According to the petition, the city's name is tarnished due to Christopher Columbus' legacy of "raping, slave trading, and genocide." Instead of naming the city Fieri, the famous TV chef is known for his signature catchphrase of taking viewers to Flavortown, so what better name for the city he came from? The petitioner, 32-year-old Tyler Woodbridge, told CNN he will be personally taking the petition to City Hall and presenting it for discussion.

Renaming Columbus to Flavortown does make sense, when you consider the city is one of the nation's largest test markets for the food industry and the city's proud culinary background. Plus, the celebrity chef has done an immense amount of charitable work assisting those in the restaurant and food industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fieri was able to raise over $20 million and has officiated over 100 LGBTQ weddings according to CNN. So far, the petition has over 23,000 signatures and counting. You can add your name to the petition by visiting the website.

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