AMAR Peruvian and Mexican Kitchen has quickly become a favorite in El Paso.

Marcos Rey
Marcos Rey

Unfortunately, I have yet to experience it, but I hear great things. For those who didn't know, Peruvian cuisine is now in El Paso thanks to Tania Peregrino and her family, owners of Don Carbon, which makes sense as to why AMAR is connected to a Don Carbon! Don Carbon is another El Paso favorite!

From reviews in El Paso foodies groups to the pages of Texas Monthly, AMAR is small but leaves an indelible impression on those who visit!

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Now, it looks like they're hopping on a trend that I've only witnessed on social media: shot boats! No, not an actual boat made of shots, or a boat where you just take shots, but an actual little shot boat! Check it out below.

These little boats are actually becoming quite the trend. I've seen sushi boats, taco boats and even beer boats- but never really in El Paso. Now AMAR is taking you on a voyage with what they call their "Shots Ships"!

From the looks of it, they can also add a cocktail to the bow of that shots ship! The cocktails at AMAR probably deserve their own ship just by how fancy they look!

As AMAR quickly becomes an El Paso favorite, it's fun to see all the new things they can offer in the Borderland. You can check out the AMAR shots ship, and their specialty cocktails, at 3100 N. Mesa. And who knows, maybe Charlie Clark will buy your meal!

AMAR Peruvian + Mexican Kitchen In El Paso

AMAR Peruvian + Mexican Kitchen opens in El Paso serving authentic Peruvian cuisine.



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