Did you get to go to the show?! If you didn't, you missed one awesome show!

Before the show got started, Dubba G got some lucky winners to meet the bands, check out Lisa's blog to see the photos of Shinedowns meet n greet!

Starting the night with Otherwise, Escape the Fate, Papa Roach and ending it with Shinedown. I hadn't seen Otherwise nor Escape the Fate before and let me tell you ... am an even bigger fan now.

In the middle of the show I got separated from Dubba G, so I went looking for him and lucky for me that is when Papa Roach singer, Jacoby Shaddix went strolling through the crowd stage right. (That was awesome!!) That was after he casually sang a good chunk of the song "Scars" in Spanish.

As for Shinedown, all I can say is 'wow'. Loved every minute of it! The way singer, Brent Smith began his songs, his words of encouragement were very touching and inspiring.

Here is a little bit of last night in case you missed it ... if you didn't, check it out to relive the moment!! (Yes, I am the one to film some songs at concerts ... especially if the band rocks! - Check out Glenn's blog about annoying concert habits.)



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