Shelby Chesnes was ecstatic to hear of the announcement making her Playboy magazine’s Miss July 2012. What was the first thing that popped in her mind after she got the news? 

“I was just shocked,” she explained “I was like ‘what am I going to tell my mom?’”

This stunning brunette beauty took the publication and brand by storm, exuding not only a luring stare, but a smile that’ll make anyone quiver at the knees.

She recently took the time to speak with us about her spread, modeling and how her life has changed since posing for the magazine.

When did you first hear you’d be Miss July?

The day before my 21st birthday.

That’s quite a birthday gift.

I was so excited. I had been waiting a couple of months to hear back from them after I had done test shoots.

How did you first come to model for Playboy?

I just submitted pictures on their website and they called me about a month later to do a test shoot in LA. And here I am!

Did you modeled previously?

Yeah, I did. I did some small gigs here and there for a few years, but wasn’t really getting anywhere. I was just shocked. I was like ‘what am I going to tell my mom?’ [laughs] It was crazy.

How did she react?

She was completely shocked but knew this was a huge opportunity for me. She’s so supportive and happy for me.


Any memorable moments so far?

Well, definitely people coming up to me asking for my autograph. That’s definitely an honor.

Aside from Playboy you’re also very entrepreneurial. Tell us about your spray tan business.

It’s a mobile spray tanning business. I go to peoples’ homes, set it up and let them tan.

Has being in Playboy helped the business at all?

Not so much. My main priority right now is Playboy. I’m not as active with the tanning business right now and I’m not promoting it through Playboy. So I’m kind of slowing down with that and focusing on Playboy.

Shelby Chesnes

With everything going on – between the shoots and events – what does Miss July 2012 do to unwind and relax?

I definitely have my time at the gym. That helps me relax.

Is it safe to assume yoga?

Yep! I do mainly Yoga and Pilates.

What else would you like to do?

I think I might get into acting. But we’ll see. I’m pretty much open to anything. There’s unlimited opportunities. I haven’t done any yet so we’ll see what I like most.

Shelby Chesnes
Shelby Chesnes

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