Seven Day Sonnet  was in studio for Q-Connected on Sept 18th, and these guys were awesome!! Check out the pics and listen to the interview right here in case you missed it!

The 1st seg. was amazing! First they show up with 3 boxes of pizza, Seven-Up and Pepsi! They kids range from 24-28 years of age and it's so awesome to see what they've accomplished this far into life!

Check out the 1st seg., where we talk about them touring withNon Point and SevenDust!

I was surprised to hear that they have a Myspace, too!! Who has Myspace anymore? Check it out!

The 2nd seg. is funny, too!! The energy that these kids have is intense!!! They also play Hapless LIVE IN-STUDIO! They are so amazing live, can't wait to see an electric set soon!

We also talk about the Cowboys and how much they suck! HA HA HA

My favorite response to the question, "What do you do on your time off?"...."We Drink!!"

"What do you do before you go on stage?"...."We Drink!'

Enjoy seg. 2!

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