Not his ... or hers ... but, that's what happened!

In my opinion, pretty much the ONLY thing that made the Oscars entertaining this year was having Seth Macfarlane as host.  (Even his bits, I had to watch on youtube. Sorry, but I couldn't sit through the whole Oscars deal if I had to.) The show is usually a gaggle of people giving endless, often insincere, speeches mixed with clips from movies. (Some of which probably shouldn't have been nominated anyway!)

Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Enter Macfarlane!  Juvenile and sophomoric maybe, but he was still hysterical and he breathed a little life into the show!  Most it seems would agree with that, but he does have his critics.  The most recent being Jaime Lee Curtis.  She's bent out of shape about his "boobs song". The song, in true Family Guy fashion, detailed whos breasts have been seen in movies and which movie(s).

Maybe shes upset that he didn't mention hers.  C'mon now Jaime, we've seen yours to!  Remember Love Letters?  Trading Places?  (Those links are very NSFW by the way!)

Seriously, Curtis says:

I am an actress who has bared her breasts in films to satisfy the requirement of the role I was asked to do -- lucky to do, for in my case, those films were significant in my career."  "I didn't like doing it. I didn't ask if I could do them topless. I did what was asked of me for the part I was playing. Mostly asked by men.

Pobrecita ... so mistreated.  She also said that the song had, in her opinion,

overshadowed the rest of the ceremony.

Know why?  Because it ... unlike the usual oscars fare ... was funny and entertaining!!

(A little stupid, but funny ... Beavis and Butthead would be PROUD!!)


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