This year is the ten year anniversary of my favorite album by Senses Fail, "Let It Unfold You," and they are bringing their tour to El Paso to celebrate.

Cory Schwartz/ Getty Images
Cory Schwartz/ Getty Images

They are currently touring to celebrate the ten year anniversary, but have decided to extend their tour and add on 8 more cities to the tour. Luckily, El Paso is one of those cities they added on. Senses Fail will be coming to El Paso on February 27th to Tricky Falls. Tickets are on sale today on the Tricky Falls website for $14 to $17. Tickets go on sale at noon. They will be joined by Texas bred metalcore band Kublai Khan.

Senses Fail lead singer Buddy Nielsen in a previous interview talked about playing "Let It Unfold You" and others on this tour:

“I am humbled and excited to be able to play these songs, some which have never been played live. I look forward to reliving moments in my life with a room of people who are doing the same. 

I have spent the better part of my life pursuing a dream and now, purposely, to look back and clearly be able to see the peaks and valleys, the difficult personal times, the relational sacrifices that were made, as well as the joy, excitement, youthful ignorance that was painfully present at times.  It is all very outstandingly grounding and fills me with equal parts nostalgic joy and gratitude for everyone that has shared in this band, past present and future, band member or business partner. We were all very young when we wrote and recorded this record in a half recording studio, half go go bar, run by the Russian Mob in Dover, NJ. None of us could have imagined the places it would take us, to now retrace those steps back in time, is a little frightening but more so exciting. I have very fond memories of the journey that was started with the record and I truly have deep love for everyone that was involved. All of us have gone separate ways but we will still forever share a bond, a record that has its own life and will stay unchanged for the rest of time.”

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