Nothing hurts more than seeing a concert be announced in town & you miss it. I've missed MANY bands in my life & among them are the two bands arriving in El Paso for 2023. It was announced this morning that Incubus will embark on a 28-date summer tour for 2023 with supporting acts Badflower & Paris Jackson (yes. She is the 2nd daughter of the late Michael Jackson). Among their tour dates is August 22nd, 2023: when all 3 acts will be arriving at the El Paso County Coliseum. And I can tell you right now, this is one show I REALLY don't want to miss.

El Paso County Coliseum
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When was the last time Incubus came to El Paso?

It was over 5 years ago since Incubus last came here; March 23rd, 2018 at Speaking Rock. Everyone I talked to said it was a great show, however... I wouldn't know. I remembered trying to attend the show but I couldn't go. I regretted NOT going because judging by the videos & everyone talking about the show online, it sounded like an amazing time.

The same thing happened with Badflower in El Paso

It was a similar experience when Badflower last came to town; the last time was October 17th, 2019 at The Lowbrow Palace. And this was the original location (the one right off of Mesa, hidden underneath the Domino's Pizza).

Google Maps
Google Maps

Just like with Incubus, I missed Badflower when THEY arrived to The Lowbrow Palace; making it ANOTHER band that I badly want to see but never did.

Has Paris Jackson ever come to El Paso?

Looking online, this will be the first time Paris will be arriving to El Paso. Her career got started in 2020 so it's just getting started. Her dad Michael Jackson never appeared in El Paso (as far as we know) so it'll be nice to see a Jackson before in El Paso.

So what's the moral of this story?

If you were dying to see even just one of the artists mentioned above & you have the ability to go, do it. Don't be like me & miss the show, wishing you could've had a great time at the show. If you're feeling the same way, well now you have a 2nd chance come August 22nd. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am & you can find all the information on Incubus's website.

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