Here's a WTF Wednesday to make all you truckers totally jealous!  I don't care how kick ass your semi may be, it is not THIS kick ass!

I don't care what you drive, it can't possibly stand up to this guys rig!  This sucker has 2,400 horsepower, all kinds of cool modifications and an insane driver!  Yeah, ok.  Sure, your rig may meet one out of those three elements, but you still don't get paid to be that crazy like Mike Ryan does.

If you'd like to try though ....... click here!

Watch Mike play around with a killer little Nissan along a California dock. Ryan drifts, slides, spins ... he even flys the freakin' thing and still has time to snap a pic of his buddy sideways in the Nissan.  Check out the vid, it's the coolest 5 minutes you'll waste today!


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