The stores are adopting a new design scheme for their stores and you can see what they will all soon look like now, right here in El Paso.

The Walmart superstore located at 5631 Dyer just completed its makeover and is an example of the design that all Walmart stores will soon be adopting with around 1200 stores converted by the end of 2021.

According to our news partner, KVIA:

Shoppers will also notice that Walmart’s departments are being more clearly organized and new, larger signage will be installed. Walmart said the new signs were inspired by airports because they are “best-in-class examples of how to navigate large groups of people,” especially in light of the pandemic that has sent people flocking to stock up on essentials.

The redesign process began last year, before Covid-19, but includes features that people have gotten used to such as contact-less payments.

This new look is intended to mimic what Walmart app users see and to encourage customers to use the app and its many features, like "Scan and Go", that help shoppers avoid interacting with anyone else while paying for their purchases.

Walmart also offers "virtual" shopping where you can select all the items you want and pay for them online. After that, you simply drive to your neighborhood Wal Mart and your items will be brought to your car, sparing you almost all human interaction. I've actually done the online shopping thing a few times and it's pretty cool both in terms of avoiding other people and in saving time.

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