Comedian Martin Moreno will be making his way to El Paso without his "Fluffy" buddy. You know of him from hearing about his crazy ways in Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias stories! For example, one story that Gabriel Iglesias spilled the tea on was the time Martin Moreno peed on himself including his iPhone. But Martin Moreno will be telling us his own funny stories when he performs at Bart Reed's Comic Strip.

One funny story Martin Moreno has told before I can relate to! That story involves his son being a textaholic and racking up the cell phone bill to a thousand dollars. But Martin Moreno also pokes fun about young people today. Martin Moreno won't be alone and will also have Hooter Moreno opening up the show.

Hooter Moreno is a young dude but has a lot of stuff to say that some of you can relate to! I am hoping he will talk about the time he turned 18 and his folks played rock paper scissors over him. You can check out their show next month starting Thursday, July 11 through Sunday, July 14. These guys paired together will give you more than the giggles and hopefully won't make you pee your pants!

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