Well, not really but ... made you look huh?? Wanna know why I wrote that?

While writing blogs for KLAQ.com, we ... obviously ... try to find things that interest our listeners and website visitors.  Part of the process is coming up with a headline that will get people's attention and make them want to read the blog and learn more. Really sensational headlines seem to work best. (As long as they're true, of course.) For example, "What Prominent El Pasoan Murdered 72 People" or, El Paso Chihuahuas Mascot, Chico, Hit By Car".  You get the idea.

One of our upper-level digital gurus decided to take all the most viewed blogs throughout the company and see what common denominator he could find. Turns out the most viewed posts all shared certain keywords in the headlines. They were:

police, sex, arrested, shot, stabbed, killed, secret, parents, died, kids, cute, wounded, kidnapped, missing, law, body, cat, dog, cancer, death, haunted, creepy, dead, crash, trafficking

So, we .... ok, our DME Scott ... came up with that headline, based on this word list. Are those words what brought you here?  Or, were you really hoping to learn more about a creepy, killer police dog attacking the parents of sick children?  (If that's the case, you're weird...)



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